zzETF applies artificial intelligence to recommend the single best choice within three important groups of ETFs (exchange traded funds):

  • * Large US stocks and bonds

  • * Economic sectors

  • * Major world economies

  • Historic annualized returns far exceed 20%.

What we do

The zzETF® artificial intelligence provides you with one recommendation for the ETF group you choose every morning before the stock market opens.** That makes successful investing easy. 

Our business is providing good, specific, reliable recommendations in daily, early-morning newsletters. We don't handle your money; we don't sell stocks or ETFs; we don't make individualized or personal recommendations.

We are independent.  We are objective, transparent, independent and fully auditable.
We are not affiliated with any brokerage, ETF, financial advisor or issuer. We do not accept compensation from anyone to make a recommendation of a particular ETF.

How we do it

Our big data, cloud production system learns from over half a billion pieces of market data every night. It uses a unique and proprietary algorithm to evaluate hundreds of millions of changing links among the dynamic market data and events. It finds and confirms opportunities no human could ever find. The zzETF® artificial intelligence prepares the early morning recommendations. We send you an email before the market opens.

On some days the zzETF® artificial intelligence finds no clear patterns, and thus makes no recommendation. When the artificial intelligence finds strong indication of a profitable choice, it recommends. Not all recommendations are profitable. Our production system is entirely data driven without human bias or intervention. It is like a self-driving car for the stock market.

What we don't do

We don't handle your money.
You (or your trusted advisor) handle your money and buy and sell as you choose.  Not us.  Our business is making solid, methodical recommendations for plain old ETF trades.

We don't provide entertaining stories about ETFs.
We focus on the hard and boring work of methodically applying artificial intelligence to obtain effective recommendations of ETFs that should rise in price in the near future. We do not supply opinions or entertainment. 

Our secret sauce

Constantly updating recommendations with daily fresh information supports repetition of small gains that compound rapidly over time, thus producing exponential returns. We use only objective, public facts of fundamentals, volume and price, unbiased by human opinions.

There is no guarantee that returns will be similar in future market conditions. However we are not changing our consistent artificial intelligence method that gave these past recommendations. FAQs

    ** To establish our track record, all of our stock recommendations have been certified and encrypted daily (prior to market open) since Nov 2011 by Digistamp Inc. to provide secure auditability. (Certification of our new zzETF recommendations begins in early 2017.)
What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence uses the extraordinary power of large computers to digest massive historical data and to detect profitable patterns that can be successfully applied today. We have been expert in the field (also called machine learning or advanced analytics) for over 15 years and have produced certified, daily recommendations in other portions of the US stock market since 2010. See ZZAlpha.com and ConservativeStockPicks.com.

What is an ETF?
An ETF (exchange traded fund) represents a bundle of underlying stocks and/or bonds. An ETF may imitate a stock index, bond category, economic sector, or even the economy of an entire country. Because it is a bundle of stocks and/or bonds, it avoids some of the risk and volatility that accompanies investing in a single stock or bond. An investor can buy and sell an ETF through a discount internet broker with the same ease and low cost as buying an ordinary stock.

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